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MRDS Samples

The MRDS Samples on CodePlex provide additional code samples to help you to learn RDS (Robotics Developer Studio). Many of the samples use the simulator and therefore do not require a real robot.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must read the Read Me before you try to use these samples. The setup process is manual, and failure to follow the instructions might prevent the samples from working. Also, there are version-specific issues related to different versions and Editions of Visual Studio. Please address questions about these samples to the RDS Discussion Forums.

Simulation Tutorials Overview

The Simulation Tutorials Overview lists all of the available simulation tutorials.

Simulation Competitions

The simulation competitions show how you can write services that implement a referee and a set of players. Two competitions are available:
  • Sumo - Based on iRobot Create robots (previously included in the RDS 2008 package)
  • Soccer - Based on LEGO Tribot robots (previously available as a separate download for RDS V1.5)


In response to questions in the RDS Forums, the following samples show how you can find out where an entity and also move it around:
  • Teleporter - Tracks an entity's position and speed and also allows you to move the entity
  • Dancing Cones - Demonstrates how to move four street cones around in the simulator
Note that the Teleporter can be used just to track an entity. You do not have to move the entity. Also, Teleportation is not a supported feature of the simulator, so certain entities do not handle being moved very well. The Pioneer 3DX for example will sometimes fall over if you "teleport" to to another location.

Robotic Hardware

There is a wide range of robotic hardware that can be used with RDS. Refer to the main Microsoft Robotics web site for more information. The CodePlex package contains services for the following hardware that is no longer included in the RDS package:
  • Fischer Technik - These services support the old Robo Interface controller and the FT16. This hardware has been superseded. There are other projects in progress to create services for the new ROBO TX controller.
  • Kondo KHR-1 - This service works with the KHR-1 humanoid robot.
Note that there are other hardware samples for RDS on CodePlex. Just search for "robotics".

Robotics Tutorials

The Robotics Tutorials 1, 2 and 4 are provided in various .NET languages: C++, Python and VB. They were originally included in the RDS package. See the Robotics Tutorials Overview for more information.

Note that the preferred language for developing DSS services is C#. These samples in other languages will not be developed any further until the next major release of Visual Studio brings other .NET languages up to parity with C#.

VPL Samples

There are some samples in VPL that use the other services. You must compile the necessary services before using the VPL samples. These samples include:
  • Color Sensor - For testing the LEGO Color Sensor that comes with LEGO NXT V2.0 kits
  • ShooterBot - Has all of the sensors defined for a LEGO NXT ShooterBot from the LEGO NXT V2.0 kit
  • Sumo - Some examples of how to use the Sumo simulation from VPL (See the Sumo documentation)
  • TeleporterTest - Used to test the Simulated Teleporter service

Miscellaneous Samples

There are some additional samples that do not fit in particular categories. These include:
  • Direction Dialog in VB

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