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Simulation Tutorials

The simulation tutorials provide help for getting started with using the Visual Simulation Environment (VSE). They were originally released with RDS but were superseded by a new set of tutorials in RDS 2008 R2.

The tutorials do not have to be done in order. For instance, you might want to do Tutorial 6 before some of the other tutorials.

Some of the tutorials do not require any coding. The ones that do only have sample code in C#. You can use any version of Visual Studio 2008 or 2010 that includes C#.

NOTE: VSE requires a graphics card that supports DirectX9 with Pixel Shader 2.0 or greater.

Simulation Tutorial 1 – Getting Started

This tutorial provides you with information on how to start the simulation runtime and how to add entities to the simulation world from program code.

Simulation Tutorial 2 - Composing Entities with Simulation Services

This tutorial covers how to create new entities and connect them with their corresponding simulation services.

Simulation Tutorial 3 - Creating a Simulation Using Persisted State and a Custom Manifest

This tutorial tells you how to add entities to a simulation world using an XML document rather than program code.

Note that this tutorial does not require you to use a programming language.

Simulation Tutorial 4 - Joints and Articulated Arms

This tutorial shows how to create six degree of freedom joints and compose them with simple capsule shapes to build articulated, motor driven arms. Note that this tutorial is also available in the RDS package, but is included here so that the numbering remains the same as when these tutorials were first released.

Simulation Tutorial 5 - Geometric Entities Creation

This tutorial explains how to create simple geometric entities starting from their physical representation, how to control their appearance and how to use them to build more complex entities. In addition, you will learn to use some environmental entities like the skydome, the lights and the terrain.

Simulation Tutorial 6 - The Simulation Editor

This tutorial shows how to create new entities and modify existing entities using the Simulation Editor.

Note that this tutorial does not require you to use a programming language.

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